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save the canal campaign - 1994 to 2004

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The charter set out below was formulated and agreed by residents in September 1994 at a meeting called by the Greystanes Progress Association to form the Canal Reserve Action Group and served as the basis of the Save the Canal campaign.
To save and preserve the Lower Canal and the attached Water Board land in its present natural state, with only future passive recreational use.
To find a range of detailed options for passive recreational use, and to put those before the residents for their approval and democratic choice of the best options.
To lobby all authorities to agree with this plan of action and to ensure vigilance to prevent development of proposals which may damage the canal environment, both now and in the future.
To put aside individual personal gain or interests and to protect the canal area for ALL residents and the public.
These aims and objectives will be pursued in a friendly, legal, business-like and non-violent manner by all members involved, whatever problems or differences occur.

Ticks indicate the aims and objectives that were achieved during the Save the Canal campaign.

CRAG's current charter can be found on the main CRAG Home Page.

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