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roll call
An endeavour such as the saving of the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve doesn't happen by accident.

It happens through the dedication and hard work of many, many people. Listed below are the good folk who have contributed to the effort to bring the Reserve to the community.

As with all lists we may have inadvertantly missed a name. If so, email CRAG, and it will be corrected.

community members / groups

Naomi Adams
Angelia Arban
Ian Bell
Jenny Bell
Alfred Bernhard
John Bone
Nathan Bunt
Rod Carpenter
Jeff Chiswell
Fred Crowe
Steve Crowe
Lesley Dixon
Peter Flaskis
Jodi Gauci
Greystanes 3rd Scouts
Greystanes Public School
Mike Hehir
Therese Hehir
Betty Henry
Tony Hill
Ian Johnson
Teresa James
Graham Lamont
Jim Legge
Michelle McKenzie
John Mann
Brett Meade
Jackie Meade
John Merrick
Sandra Merrick
Allan Miller
Anne Miller
Bruce Moore
Jim Nagy
Lesley Neuhaus
Helen Norton
Judy Norton
Steve Norton
Cathy O'Keeffe
Nick O'Neill
Dennis Pollard
Lyn Pollard
Alan Reid
Brian Rensford
Darin Rounsevell
Vincent Serventy
Richard Scerri
Lyn Thistleton
Peter Thistleton
Graham Waugh
Heather Waugh
Widemere Public School

holroyd city council

John Brodie
Maree Costigan
Alan Ezzy
Peter Herlinger
Merv Ismay
Bert Leonard
Marlene McLaughlan
Ken Morrisey
John Perry
Paul Ritchie
Frank Ruocco

nsw national parks and wildlife service

Bob Conroy
Susan Luscombe
Chris McCormack
John Mortimer
Alex Nicol
Yma ten Hoedt

nsw department of urban affairs and planning

Steve Carey
Bob Waldron


Pam Allen
Bob Carr
Janice Crosio
Carl Scully


Fairfax Sun
Fairfield City Champion
Parramatta Advertiser


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